Walk on the edge of democracy

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In summer 2007 the annual world economic summit of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations (G8) took place in the Baltic Sea Resort of Heiligendamm. To protect the Heads of States there was built a „technical barrier“ in a radius of three kilometers around town: an enormous high-security fence. It ploughs through the landscape for some 12.5 kilometers and is about 2.5 meters tall, half a meter deep, affixed at the base by 4,800 concrete slabs and crowned by four rows of barbed wire.


In his film „Walk on the edge of democracy“ Jörg Hommer walks along the fence in real-time. Continuously and consistently the camera follows the barricade. The security fence enclosures the whole film. The rhythmic meditative sound of the steps and the interplay of the ongoing in front and behind let the fence become a projection screen of the individual utopia and visions of the spectator. A borderline experience.


The film had its world premiere at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival and is distributed by arsenal - institut für film und videokunst e. V. at arsenal - Institute for Film and Videoart.


150 Min | real-time version | documentary, installation | 2007


75 Min | documentary | 2007


Idea, Director, Camera and Editior: Jörg Hommer, Co-Producer: Egon Bunne, Sound Mixing: Holger Jung and Christian Obermaier, Advice: Prof. Thomas Arslan, UdK Berlin, Color at ARRI Film & TV