Jörg Hommer lives and works as freelance film editor and filmmaker in Berlin. The focus of his work is documentary-film. In February 2011 he is participating the Berlin Talent Campus #9 during the 61. Berlin International Film Festival.


As film editor, Jörg Hommer edited several film and television productions past years. Together with director Jens Schanze he edited the documentary "Plug and Pray". In January 2011 the film was awarded with the Bavarian Film Award for the „Best Documentary 2010 ".


In addition to his work as film editor Jörg Hommer is also working on his own film projects. The view on the particular and the choice of a conceptual perspective are characteristic for his films and photographs. As a quiet observer, he reflects the authenticity - sometimes triviality - of the ordinary. His visual language exposes simplicity, searches for beauty and reveals truthfulness.


In February 2010 he completed his studies at the University of the Arts with special mention. Previously, he studied from 2003 to 2006 at the Fachhochschule Mainz media design. During his study-years, he produced several films that were shown on national and international film festivals. His film "Walk on the edge of democracy," premiered at the Forum of the Berlin International Filmfestival 2008. In the film Jörg Hommer follows consistently the security fence of the G8 Summit in Germany and concretises "an immediate comprehension of political reality" (58th Berlin International Film Festival, 2008). In his short documentary the red carpet Jörg Hommer shows the "rituals of politics as an endless repetitive structure" (Thüringer Allgemeine, 27.09.08). Jörg Hommer is a member of the Federation of Film Editors (BFS), AG Dok and Freelens. Since 2008, distributional services are provided by arsenal experimental.



2006 - present
Student of Arts/Experimental Media Design at the University of Arts in Berlin taught by Professor Heinz Emigholz, Professor Thomas Arslan and Professor Siegfried Zielinski


2000 - present
Freelance Editor (AVID & Final Cut Pro)


2003 - 2006
Student of Media Design at the University of Applied Science in Mainz, tutor of Professor Egon Bunne for Editing/Montage


1996 - 1998
Editor Trainee


Born in Neuwied on the Rhine, Germany



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